WWE Referee Breaks Leg During Match, Still Finishes The Count From The Canvas

Anyone who has ever watched WWE will assume that all their referees and officials are made of glass but NXT ref Tom Castor proved that some of them are still as hard as nails.

Throughout WWE’s Attitude Era, and beyond, referees often proved that they couldn’t take any amount of punishment. Whilst wrestlers would get thrown through tables having been pushed from a 16ft cell referees can barely take an accidental smack to the face without lying down hurt for five minutes.

Inevitably the man in stripes being knocked down would lead to some caper of sorts. Whether it be the wielding of a sledgehammer or members of a team causing all sorts of shenanigans something would always ensue with a ref down.

Imagine the madness that would happen if a referee could get knocked down but the match continues, just without goals, that’s something I’d watch.

Back to WWE though and on Thursday night NXT referee Tom Castor proved that he isn’t like many of his colleagues by showing just how tough refs can be.

Castor was officiating a house show match between Tyler Breeze and Velveteen Dream and broke his leg during the match but still managed to count to three for Dream’s win:

After the match fellow referee Drake Wuertz, who entered after the injury and signaled to the back that it was a genuine injury, confirmed the injury on social media:

It certainly looks like a particularly nasty injury for Castor but he’s earned major props from everyone for continuing the match and managing to make the three count.

There’s plenty of examples of wrestlers getting serious injuries and managing to continue and the ref could have easily just left it to Wuertz to continue but fair play for doing it himself.

It wasn’t a good night for injuries with wrestler Raul Mendoza reportedly suffering a leg muscle injury as well.

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