Willard wrestler continues to fight after receiving lung transplant

“They told us not only did Michael have one offer he actually had four offers (for lung transplants),” Kathy Finley, Michael’s mom, said.

The Finley’s tell KY3/KSPR that is not very common.

“We know that there are tons of people out there praying for Michael and we believe that God is hearing our prayers,” Kathy said.

Michael Finley, Sr. says doctors will continue to monitor Michael’s new lungs for swelling. His kidneys are functioning well and he was able to be taken off the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machine, which is helping to circulate blood. But the next few days are important.

All of this happened after Michael got the flu, a staph infection and pneumonia in March.

People throughout the Ozarks are keeping up to date with Michael’s condition through social media.

“Well the first thing we did in morning meeting was you know, thank God,” Chandra Anderson, Kathy’s co-worker, said. “First of all, we always thank God because He has had a major hand in this.”

Anderson says they were excited to learn Michael received a lung transplant so quickly. They are hopeful he will recover.

In the meantime, the Finley’s are working to shed light on organ donation. They believe the process saved their son.

“It really does mean a lot,” Kathy said. “For people out there that make that ultimate sacrifice you have no idea how much you impact someone else’s life. You’re giving them another chance.”

To learn more about organ donation, visit: www.organdonor.gov/

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