Troopz From Arsenal Fan TV Is An Announcer On FIFA 20

The dulcet tones of Arsenal fan and YouTube personality Troopz will be heard on this year’s FIFA 20 as part of the all new Volta football mode.

Troopz, known for his incredibly outspoken views and unique soundbites on Arsenal Fan TV after Gunners’ games, announced on his Twitter that he has provided audio for all the action that takes place in the London cage.

He initially thought the whole thing was a prank when EA Sports contacted him before slowly but surely getting to work and making the most of a dream opportunity.

Troopz really does feel like the perfect person for the job and fans are already looking forward to hearing “blud” and “fam” on repeat.

Fans have been clamouring for the return of FIFA Street for years now and while EA have listened, they’ve made sure that ‘Volta’ – which means “to return” in Portuguese – adds a new dimension to the game instead of being a nostalgia act.

Matt Prior, Creative Director for EA Sports, said there was “a whole world of football that EA haven’t tapped into” and with the help of real-life street footballers, Volta has come to life after two years of planning.

Based around the 11v11 game engine but with new people involved in the creation process, you can play 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and play with or without goalkeepers.

Players can strut their stuff on a array of pitches (walls on or off) and locations, from a London cage to a Tokyo rooftop with a DJ and pyro, and choose from any team in the game – including a mixture of men and women.

There is a also story mode for VOLTA on FIFA 20 as well as an online league when the game is released worldwide on 24 September.


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