The Wii U Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 5.5.4

My family and I love our two Switches. We also love, love, love our WiiU! Our WiiU w/our complete Wii virtual console and Wiiware library. I wouldn’t give it up for almost anything. The WiiU is the best friend of the Switch. I don’t know why it didn’t do well. It had many great titles. It’s under played/under purchased ip’s, that found new life on the Switch, are such a boon for Nintendo. It is a major reason why the Switch is enjoying soooooo much popularity. Many of the new Switch ip’s are amazing, but, the remastered ones (that never got much attention on WiiU) created a huge library, immediately, for the the Switch. I respect the “sacrifice” the WiiU made and I also just still enjoy it. They are both hooked up to my 2160 4k tv and will be for quite some time. Peace!

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