Sonny Bradley’s Incredible Sarcastic Reaction To Being Pushed Is Everything

Luton Town defender Sonny Bradley provided an alternative way of reacting when being pushed on a football pitch and it’s had us all in hysterics.

While it might sound very ‘Yer Da’, often these days you do find players throwing themselves to the floor when they’ve been touched or pushed ever so slightly.

Giorgio Chiellini, who we thought was a big, hard centre-half, went down like a sack of potatoes on several occasions in Juventus’ stunning 3-0 Champions League round of 16 win over Atletico last night.

But while the Italian was doing that, over at Northern Commercials Stadium, Bradley achieved viral recognition for what he did when shoved by Bradford midfielder Lewis O’Brien.

Instead of dropping to the deck as is common in the modern game, he hilariously and theatrically staggered backwards and it was quite brilliant to watch.

You’ll also see that James Austin (No.2 for Luton), also joined the former Hull City defender in the mocking of O’Brien’s strength. We’re really big fans of the pettiness shown.

Only last week, Edin Dzeko was responsible for one of the worst dives this year when he tried to beat Pepe at his own game in Roma’s Champions League round of 16 defeat to Porto.

The pair put their heads together and somehow Pepe shouting expletives at the Bosnia was enough to make him clasp his head and fall to the floor in dramatic fashion.

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