Responding to COVID-19 news

Responding to COVID-19

In the face of this unprecedented pandemic, Gavi is working with countries to support COVID-19 response and to maintain and restore routine immunisation. The Alliance is also co-leading global efforts on equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Respond and protect: With COVID-19 now reported in almost all Gavi-eligible countries, the Vaccine Alliance is providing immediate funding to health systems, enabling countries to protect health care workers, perform vital surveillance and training, and purchase diagnostic tests.

Maintain, restore and strengthen: Gavi will support countries to adapt and restart immunisation services, rebuild community trust and catch up those who have been missed both before and during the pandemic, while also investing in strengthening immunisation systems to be more resilient and responsive to the communities they serve.

Checklist for tackling gender barriers to COVID-19 vaccine deployment

Ensure global equitable access: Gavi is co-leading COVAX, the global effort to securing a global response to COVID-19 that is effective and fair, using its unique expertise to help identify and rapidly accelerate development, production and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines so that anyone that needs them, gets them.


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