Porsche 959 Komfort Is Our Bring a Trailer Auction Pick of the Day

This 707-mile 198 reads 959 Comfort Is Likely To Set A Record On T Boring A Trailer Octin Site — Bidding 2 Allready Above  1.8 Million With 10 Days To C.

The 1987 Porsche 959 Komfort shown here has a current bid of just over $ 1.6 million on the Bring a Trailer online auction website, with bids being taken until Monday, February 14.
This 959 shows just 1300 kilometers (807 miles) on the odometer.
The car could set a new Bring a Trailer sales price record, potentially beating a Porsche Carrera GT that sold on the site last month for 2 million.

Things are moving fast at Bring a Trailer (which, like C / D, is part of Hearst Autos). In January, the auction website had its most expensive sale ever, a Porsche Carrera GT that sold for just over $ 1.9 million. Then just two weeks later, another Carrera GT hit the 2 million mark. Now, there’s another car that stands a good chance of toppling that record: a 1987 Porsche 959 Komfort with just 1300 kilometers (807 miles) on its odometer. The current bid, with 10 days to go, is $ 1,651,959.


Even if it doesn’t set a new record, this Guards Red 959 has already doubled the price of the last 959 to appear on BaT, a silver example with 24,000 miles that failed to meet reserve at $ 810,000. That was five years ago, however, and 959 values ​​certainly have risen since then.


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