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Marshmello confirms voice was broadcast in real-time during Fortnite concert – FortniteINTEL

After Epic Games and Marshmello teamed up to amaze Fortnite fans with a live in-game concert, the artist confirmed that his voice was being broadcast live. Since the event premiered, fans have debated whether Marshmello’s voice during the show was ...

Super Smash Bros. — Top Melee pros toppled at Genesis 6 – ESPN

The Super Smash Bros. Melee field at Genesis 6 is full of up-and-comers thanks to a shift among top Melee pros to Smash Ultimate on the Switch.

Microsoft Issues Windows 10 Upgrade Warning – Forbes

Windows 10 upgrades have a serious problem...

Malware filled camera beauty and filter apps removed from Google Play Store – Phone Arena

Selfie enhancement and camera filter apps with over 4 million installs from the Google Play Store were removed by Google after it was discovered that the apps contained malware....

Cool if Real: Supposed Gmail Leak Shows Incoming Inbox Features – Droid Life

You guys know that when Inbox is officially retired in about a month, I may retire from tech for good and go back to a flip phone. I can't stand Gmail after using Inbox since the day it was released over four years ago. The transition away is...

Nintendo is Planning an Announcement for an “Unexpected” Switch Game – Bleeding Cool News

Apparently, there's something in the works for the Nintendo Switch in April that will make us all happy as the company has an unannounced game on the way.

Fortnite: Marshmello’s voice mysteriously heard booming all over the map just a day before his concert event –

Fortnite have dropped one last Easter egg for the upcoming Marshmello concert event.

Yoshi’s Story Is Back In This Weekend’s Smash Tournament – Kotaku

“Yoshi’s Story” is an extremely small Super Smash Bros. stage that first appeared in Smash Bros. Melee. Now it’s in Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the organizers of Genesis 6 have decided to make it playable in one of Smash’s biggest annual tournaments ...

Anthem Almost Became a Free-To-Play Game From BioWare – Bleeding Cool News

Some interesting news came out this week just as we enter the next free demo for Anthem, as the game almost was a free-to-play title from BioWare.