Lionel Messi Superfan Had His Wedding Day On Lionel Messi’s Birthday

A die-hard Lionel Messi fan waited 11 months so that he could have his wedding on the Barcelona star’s 32nd birthday.

Over in Kerala, India, Shibu Cletus and Jeena Sebastian got engaged all the way back in July but the groom was adamant that his special day needed to coincide with his idol’s day of birth.

His in laws wanted the ceremony to take place straight away but Shibu, who has a picture of Messi in his wallet as well as having him as his phone screensaver, wasn’t having any of it.

Jeena, his other half, isn’t in football but allowed Shibu to have a football-themed wedding.

Image: The Times Of India
Image: The Times Of India

He had invitations in the shape of a football pitch, the venue arranged so that it looked like a football ground, with a total of 20 flexboards featuring a whole host of players, a full-size goal and two Cristiano Ronaldo cut-outs.

Image: The Times Of India
Image: The Times Of India

For Shibu, who has played football for 12 years in the city of Alappuzha and works for Mediapro International, it was the dream wedding.

“My engagement was on July 15, 2018. Though the parents and family of Jeena demanded to conduct the wedding soon, I told them they have to wait till the birthday of Messi on June 24,” he told The Times of India.

“Jeena, who doesn’t have much knowledge about football, agreed it. She told me she was completely ready to wait for the birthday of Messi and provided full support for my plans.

“It was my dream to set up the venue as football ground and marry Jeena in front of Messi and other football players.

“When I shared my idea with my friends, they provided me full support and with the help of my ten friends, the venue of my wedding (CRFJ Hall, Thumpoly) was converted as football ground.

“For me, it is a dream wedding and I thank all my family members and friends who stood with me to conduct my wedding the ‘waka waka way.'”

In other mad football weddings, die-hard Liverpool fans Mr and Mrs Han from the official Liverpool Singapore Branch fan club went viral a few years back when they hosted the most incredible ceremony.

From walking down the aisle to “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to bridesmaids and best men wearing the famous red through the ceremony, this was the wedding of the year by a country mile.

There was even a custom made Champions League trophy on the way to the altar.


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