Khulna City Medical College and Hospital reviews

Khulna City Medical College Hospital Reviews
Remarks : Since the college is still new, the hospital staff and the medical instruments aren’t adequate to manage the large patient outflow. But it will surely improve over time. Overall, it’s a good college with a large campus that anyone would fall in love with at first sight.

About Khulna City Medical College Hospital

Khulna City Medical College Hospita (KCMCH) is the best ever hospital in the southern part of Bangladesh. This hospital located in the heart of Khulna city. This hospital is 15 storied building including 250 beds facilities.

It is a part of our vision to assist in the training and education of superior physicians who will have a broad knowledge of medicine, excellent technical skills and mature, informed judgment.

The mission of KCMCH is to Produce Competent, Compassionate, reflective and dedicated health care professionals who …

Consider the care and safety of their patients their first concern.
Establish and maintain good relationship with patients, their attendants and colleagues.
Are honest, trustworthy and act with integrity.
Are capable of dealing with common diseases and health problems of the country and are willing to serve the community particularly the rural community; but at the same time acquire firm basis for future training, service and research at both national and international level.
Are committed to keep their knowledge and skill up-to-date through ‘Continuous Professional development’ all through their professional medical college website


Course Curriculum Overview

The hospital, college and hostel building are seperate, although located in the same campus. The teachers are quite friendly and helpful. There are proper Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology labs. There is also an Anatomy museum in the Anatomy department. Hospital has good patient outflow that ensures every student gets a fair amount of exposure in clinical practice. There’s also psychiatrists for the counseling of students who need it. Exams are held all through the year, but teachers try to keep it as stress free as possible. After graduation, one can choose to do paid Internship in the Khulna City MedicalCollege Hospital itself or anywhere else too.

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