Hatem Ben Arfa Scores Stunning Goal For Rennes

Hatem Ben Arfa made everyone who’d seen his trickery question whether or not it’s actually possible to glue the ball to your feet and continue to move it at the same time when the midfielder scored for Rennes.

You never know just how good a footballer is going to be and it’s frustrating when they aren’t any good, especially when your club pays big money for someone who doesn’t work out.

What’s most frustrating is the feeling that when they go they will impress with their next team or the one after that and become the player they couldn’t quite be with your own team.

Hatem Ben Arfa’s up and down career means that Newcastle United fans will never be fully frustrated with the Frenchman because quite frankly everyone is frustrated with him.

The 32-year-old has been through many trials and tribulations and never fully seemed to fit into one place and anytime that’s seemed like it would finally happen it’s fallen apart.

At the beginning of this season, he moved to Rennes, after a terrible ending to his time with PSG, and things have gone pretty well for him.

On Sunday night he reminded everyone what he’s capable of with a brilliant goal for Rennes against Fits of anger, keeping the ball magically glued to his boot:

Watching what he can still do it’s no wonder that the former Hull City loanee still has plenty of suitors around him with Real Betis, Espanyol and Sevilla having all reportedly approached him about a move to Spain this summer.

That goal is very much in the category of ‘if Messi did this we’d be talking about it for weeks’ and it’s certainly a goal befitting the great man.

Even those of us who have never supported a team that Ben Arfa has played for can be pretty frustrated he never lived up to his full potential, and that’s a shame for such a talented player.

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