Eredivisie Postpone Entire Round Of Fixtures To Help Ajax Prepare For Tottenham Game

Eredivisie have postponed an entire round of fixtures to help Ajax prepare for their Champions League semi-final tie against Tottenham.

Ajax were due to play De Graafschap on Sunday, 28 April before traveling to London to face Spurs.

However, Dutch football chiefs have cancelled a full round of games in a bid to aid Ajax’s chances in Europe’s elite club competition.


To keep integrity in the league, Eredivisie have postponed all matches.

The Dutch season will now be extended with the postponed games set to be played on May 15.

The KNVB said: “We have looked at all kinds of ways to move games with Ajax progressing so far in the Champions League.

“We have presented our plans to all of the clubs. It is not ideal for everyone, I appreciate that, but this is not just helping Ajax.

“It is being done to help Dutch football as a whole because it means so much to be successful in Europe.”

Professional football director Eric Gudde said: “We are aware that it is impossible to satisfy everyone, but a knot must be made.

“There can be no question of full satisfaction because this is ultimately not pleasant for any of the people involved. What is really nice is the reason why this was necessary: the semi-final place of Ajax in the Champions League.

“Clubs and fans deserve a fair and as exciting as possible end to the competition, hence the starting point of playing simultaneously on the last two match days.

“Ajax plays for the championship and De Graafschap is in the danger zone for relegation.

“Not only would the denouement remain in one game that is played later, this also gives De Graafschap more time to prepare for this perhaps decisive game than the other relegation candidates.”

Ajax have dumped out holders Real Madrid as well as Juventus. They now face English opposition for a place in the Champions League final.


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