Eminem commemorates 11 years of sobriety with powerful post

Hip hop star Eminem commemorated a significant personal milestone with an uplifting message.

The “Not Afraid” rapper shared a photo of his recovery medallion in celebration of 11 years of sobriety.

“Still not afraid,” Eminem captioned the post to Instagram on Saturday.

The photo shows the blue and gold medallion with “XI” ― 11 in Roman numerals ― resting in the palm of his hand.

The rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, has spoken in the past about his struggles with prescription medications, including methadone, which he told The New York Times caused him to overdose.

“I used to get pills wherever I could,” Eminem told the newspaper in 2010. “I was just taking anything that anybody was giving to me.”

He also commemorated 10 years of sobriety by posting a photo of his recover medallion to Instagram last year.

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