Dembele Casually Takes A Corner With His Right Foot While Being A Left Footed Player

Ousmane Dembele has the same amount of goals and assists from both his right and left foot.

The 21-year-old French starlet is genuinely two-footed. He can pick out a killer pass or find the back of the net with either foot.

And that was on display over the weekend. Dembele created Barcelona’s opening goal with his supposedly weak foot.

The left-footed player swung in a beautiful corner with his right leg.

He’s now supplied the same amount of goals and assists from each foot in top-flight league matches.

14 goals and 14 assists with his left foot, and 14 goals and 14 assists with his right foot.

Who could forget his priceless interview while at Rennes?!

A reporter quizzed Dembele about his preferred foot and he gave a brilliant answer.

His two-pronged attack has caused great difficulty to Maximilian Mittelstadt who has named Dembele as the most difficult opponent he has ever faced.

“Ousmane Dembele [was my toughest opponent]. I can remember games in which it was very difficult to defend against him, be it with the Under 18 national team or Borussia Dortmund,” the Hertha Berlin midfielder said.

“He is an unpredictable player with enormous speed, who is also two-legged and therefore hard to predict.”

Dembele’s in his second season at Barcelona following a mega-transfer from Borussia Dortmund in 2017.

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