Brothers and sisters are earning 30 lakh rupees per month from cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency – the subject is like a maze to many. But to Ishan (14) and Ananya (9) – two siblings, it seems like a sniff! The two siblings of Indian descent are currently earning 35,000 rupees a month from this cryptocurrency.

Where many people are obsessed with cryptocurrency, how did two of them master it at this age? Is that again like a seasoned professional? Where did the investment plan come from? Ishan told an all-India media outlet that he had heard about the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, seven months ago. Since then, there has been a strong interest in these. Then he started flipping through YouTube and various magazines on the subject.

“That’s when the plan to invest in cryptocurrency came to mind,” he said. But we did not have enough money to invest. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right.

On the other hand, Ananya says, “Grandpa and I plan this investment together. After encouraging my grandfather, I encouraged him.

However, both sides said that it was not possible to control the matter within a few days. After seven months of searching YouTube, reading Bitcoin and crypto-related magazines, trying to find out more about investing, they made their computers for playing games useful for investing in cryptocurrencies. That is what Ishan said. In his words, ‘Initially I was earning 3 a day. Now I am earning 35 thousand dollars a month there. We are very happy. ”

Ishan-Ananya want to choose this as her future career? The brothers and sisters have not decided on anything specific yet. However, Ishan said that for now, they want to spend this money on their higher education.

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