Brie made a low-cost rice harvester

Scientists at the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRI) have developed a combine harvester that is suitable and affordable for use in the country’s land.

On Friday (December 31) at the Institute premises in Gazipur, the Minister of Agriculture and Awami League Presidium member Dr. Md. Abdur Razzak.

At the time, he said, Brie scientists had researched and invented the rice-cutting machine. This is a remarkable achievement. The machine has a relatively high cutting capacity, suitable for use in small lands of the country. The cost of various combine harvesters including Yanmar abroad is 25-30 lakh rupees and it will cost 12-13 lakh rupees. If we can make the device invented by Brie locally and use it all over the country, then there will be a revolution in agricultural mechanization in Bangladesh. It will play a unique role in increasing agricultural production and making agriculture profitable.

According to Brie scientists, the engine of their invented Brie hole feed combine harvester was imported from abroad. Other equipment is locally made. Its engine power is 6 horsepower. The machine can cut 3-4 bighas of paddy per hour. Fuel consumption will be 3.5-4 liters per hour. Harvesting loss is less than one percent. And the price will be only 12-13 lakh rupees. It can also be used in plots of land. Scientists say it is better than any combine harvester imported from abroad.

At this time, the outgoing senior secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture. Mesbahul Islam, the newly joined Secretary. Saidul Islam, Director General of BRI Shahjahan Kabir, senior officials of the ministry and heads of agencies were present.

Inauguration of new five-storey residential building for Brie workers

Later, the Agriculture Minister inaugurated a new five-storey residential building ‘Bri Sramik Colony Bhaban’ at Bri’s premises. At the same time, the minister said, agricultural workers have important contribution in inventing new varieties and technologies. The Bangladesh Rice Research Institute has been able to invent hundreds of high yielding rice varieties in the country through the talent and imagination of scientists and the labor and sweat of agricultural workers. Which is making a significant contribution to the food security of the country.

He said that like Bangabandhu, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina felt the grief of the workers of the country with her heart. So Mujib took various initiatives for the housing of working people as a gift of the centenary. Brie is a real example of a newly constructed labor colony building.

On the same day at noon the Minister attended the annual reunion of the Ministry organized by the Ministry of Agriculture at the Institute premises as the Chief Guest. Farewell to the senior secretary. Mesbahul Islam and the newly joined Secretary. Sayedul Islam was given a reception.

Additional Secreary of the Ministry of Reunion. Md. Abdur Rauf, Hasanuzzaman Kallol, Wahida Akhter, Balai Krishna Hajra, Abdullah Sajjad NDC, Md. Rezaul Karim and other officials and employees and heads of organizations were present.

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